Saudi Biga

Quality And Safety


It is our policy to:

Manage the projects in the filed of electrification successfully within stipulated time, in conformance with customer’s laid down specification and without cost over run.
Gain reputation and good will on the basis of full commitment to health, safety and environment management systems and the ability to adhere to the provisions of the contract, during all phases of project execution.
Develop and maintain a motivated team of employees, suppliers and servicing agencies for the total customer satisfaction.
The management extends its full support to achieve this policy and continually improve the effectiveness of QMS and requests all employees to be guided by the systems and procedures laid down in the QMS.

1.1     The Company has a strong POLICY ON QUALITY followed by the Objectives. Well defined Procedures, Work Instruction and Checklists are available in the system. It operates a documented Quality Management System which satisfies the requirement s of ISO 9001:2000 as  means of ensuring that all Construction processes are totally conform to the stated Specification/Standard.

The system is fully defined by the following documents:
The Quality Manual
Procedures & Records
Work instructions (where needed)
1.2     Section - I of this Document describes how a contract is being handled from inquiry stage till “Award of the        Contract”, referencing supporting process relating each aspect to the relevant procedures.
1.3.    Section - II of this document relates clause wise application of ISO  9001:2000 Standard to the relevant procedures and any associated documentation where required.


2.1     The RESPONSIBILITIES & AUTHORITIES of the key personnel who manage, perform and verify work which affects the quality of the tasks are defined and summarized at the start of each procedure. The channels for identifying and solving of quality issues and problems are principally given in Quality Management System.
2.2     Quality Planning is addressed during Tender& Base Design stages and is a part of the Design, Procurement, Installation, Testing and commissioning processes. Quality plans are specifically prepared as appropriate or required for the particular contract(s).
2.3    The Construction Divisional Management through General Manager (GM) and GM through Department Heads are responsible for the allocation of adequate RESOURCES required to meet the contractual obligations. Wherever a need for additional verification is identified/highlighted, the Company ensures that the appropriate and timely arrangements are made for the provision of adequate resources.
2.4     The Quality Assurance/Control Manager is the Company’s MANAGEMENT REPRESENTATIVE for Quality and safety related matters and has the specific responsibility for ensuring that the provisions which satisfy the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 and client are implemented and maintained. Full details of his authority and responsibility are defined and are part of Quality System.
2.5     A MANAGMENET REVIEW  of the Quality System has been carried out at least once per year by senior personnel attended by the Higher Management in line with Procedure QP5.6.0, to ensure that system is intact, effective and reflects the Company’s defined working methods.

    The procedure defines the composition of the review body; the general arrangements for carrying out the review, the aspects to be considered for system are recorded. Changes are followed up to monitor their effectiveness and      procedures modified where appropriate.


The important features of this Quality Management System (QMS) are as follows:
3.1     Enquiries and Contracts
    Enquiries are received by Projects Sales Department who liaise with the potential customers to clarify their       requirements. At this stage the information is handed over to the Contract Department who carry out a comprehensive review of the details like design, procurement, installation and testing & commissioning involved in the       contract and  liaising with the customer and suppliers to resolve difficulties, if any. When contract review is       satisfactorily completed and  Bid documents are fully prepared the same are sent to customer. All process of bidding is followed by tender department till the award  and/or signing of contracts. Special Quality requirements and Quality plans are generated when required during this process as well.

3.2    Design
    The design specifications / permanents are thoroughly studied by the Engineering Department for quotation purposes, modified when necessary during the Contract Review. The Engineering Manager allocates specific responsibilities to suitably qualified personnel to ensure key requirements of design are met. The design      process is carried out in Design Department in line with the codes of Design practice involving contracts and other sections as necessary, Design Reviews are held at appropriate stages of the projects.
As per the Design Reviews, or where applicable, the results achieved are compared against the customer’s requirements to verify the design. Documents which specify the design are authorized before release. There is a formal system for design changes; validation of the design is considered to be successful after testing &   commissioning.
3.3    Document Control
Procedure manuals are authorized, issued and amended according to QP4.2.3. QMS procedure, records, work instructions and checklists are controlled by Management Representative (MR). Drawings, general specifications and other sources of key information are controlled by Execution Department through applicable          procedures. Standard approved drawings are controlled through Drawing Control Documents (QR7.3.0/2). There is a formal system for approving and issuing amended documents as mentioned in Quality procedure QP4.2.3
3.4    Project Execution
The Project Execution processes for all listed activities are initiated by the nominated team headed by Project Manager. Procedures, Work Instructions, Client’s Standards, PTS and approved drawings which clearly    specifies the relevant methods of executions are being used during construction activities. Quality Management   System procedure QP7.5.1 is being followed for execution.
Planning Department makes schedule and plans in the light of procedure QP7.5.0 for different main targets like schedule of designs, procurements of items & their deliveries at sites, installation and testing & commissioning to meet the specific completion targets. Plans for different resources like manpower, heavy machinery and  utilities are also prepared.
Major items are generally purchased from the best producers available I the market for that item or the client’s approved vendor list (maintained in purchase department) is being considered.
Inspection & Test plans for different  project stages are prepared in line with client’s requirements. Three     different agencies are being involved during inspections which is client itself, independent inspection agency (IIA) and Saudi Biga Quality inspectors. Also ordered materials are initially inspected and tested at works and the results are recorded, then inspections are done at site and finally during testing & Commissioning stage to verify that all processes are complete and meets customers requirements. During each project activity our Quality Engineer monitors the process in the light of applicable standards and then invites client for finalization.

3.5     Purchasing
All purchases are being made in the light of Quality Procedure QP7.4.0. The Purchase Department is          responsible for maintaining a list of approved suppliers (who can satisfy the Company’s Quality requirements and are acceptable for the client as well), the collection of quotations, issuing of POs and regular monitoring of deliveries at sites as per schedule. All potential suppliers are deeply assessed before they included to the list for the regular use and their performance is being monitored on regular basis.
There are strict controls and well defined information conveyed in contract agreements covering Company, client and Government applicable requirements, which are released to the suppliers in the form of Purchase Orders, mutually agreed on listed terms and conditions. Purchased good acceptance is subject to different inspections ( as mentioned in article 3.4) before being takes to stock. Similar controls are imposed on all items supplied  during installation, Testing & commissioning  stages. Similarly the hiring of required services, where it deem required, is done in accordance with the defined process of purchases procedure QP7.4.0.

3.5    Control and Monitoring of Measuring Equipments
Relevant measuring / process monitoring equipments are controlled by a comprehensive procedure QP7.6.0. wherever applicable, traceability to equipments and its calibration status are maintained.

3.6    Corrective and Preventive Actions
In addition to significant individual problems, the Corrective Action System in the light QP8.5.2 is invoked through the Customer complaints/instructions system, rework and/or concessions (where required) and review meetings for existing and potential problems are the common practice.

3.7    Internal Audits
The Company’s Quality Auditing procedure QP8.2.2 ensure that the Quality System itself remains effective.

3.8    Customer Satisfaction
Analysis for improvement in the light of Customers requirements and suggestions are done through regular surveys according to Quality Procedure QP8.2.1 and is being presented to Management for reviews.

3.9    Other Supporting Systems

Training is considered an essential element in the success of all areas of the Quality System. We have a solid process under procedure QP6.2.2. The responsibility for assessing the needs of individuals and providing the necessary training rests with Department Heads who also maintain appropriate records at their respective ends.


Quality Policy
Manage the projects in the field of electrification successfully within stipulated time, in conformance with customer’s laid down specification and without cost over run.
Gain reputation and good will on the basis of full commitment to Quality management systems and the ability to adhere to the provisions of the contract, during all phases of project execution.
The Quality System is based upon, and conforms to, the requirements of its major customers, and those specified in ISO9001.
A Quality Manager is there as the Company’s representative in all matters appertaining to Quality, co-ordination with customers, sub-contractors and Company Management.

Typical Quality Plan
On request we will send ‘Typical Quality Plan’ for consideration and approval.

Quality Information

Quality System Standard    : The Company operates it in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000
Quality Approval        : The Company is approved by SGS to ISO 9001:2000. ………………………………
Major Customers        : Can see the Attached list

Specific Quality System Details
Quality Policy        : The Company has a documented Quality policy which is set by Management. This policy is implemented at all levels.

Design & Development     : Documented the procedure (QP7.3.0) for design and plan the sequence of design. It is conducted by highly competent personnel with access to all necessary information to assure to Design Quality.  Design is reviewed internally by each discipline and then thoroughly checked by the Review Department as per procedure (QP7.3.4). Any alterations / changes or modification to designs are similarly handled.

Purchasing         : Purchases directly affects the project execution are documented. Purchase orders referred To  Standards where appropriate. All Purchase Order are reviewed and approved before issue in the light of Quality procedure QP7.4.0. only those suppliers, manufacturers and vendors are considered who are either pre-qualified with us or specifically approved by the client.

Planning & Monitoring of Project    : The Company prepares details plans for each project its sequence of activities as per procedure (QP7.5.0.) or where advised by the customers. These are carefully adhered to by all personnel.

Project Execution        : The chains of processes, from the land occupation till the completion of contractual agreements, their reporting, recording, task & responsibilities are addressed in the procedure (QP7.5.1). The Standard Operating Procedures and required checklists for all main disciplines of Construction are also provided here.

Identification , Traceability   And Preservation Of Products        : All goods are suitably identified to avoid confusion through Quality Procedure QP7.5.3. Traceability is maintained as necessary or where specified as per procedure.  Inspection records are traceable to the personnel performing the verifications. Preservation of each item has been done as per QP7.5.5 Procedure.

Control of Monitoring & Measuring Devices    : All Monitoring & Measuring Equipments/ Devices are controlled by a comprehensive procedure QP7.6.0 the traceability to equipments & its calibration status are also maintained on regular basis for their acceptable performance.

Audits            : The entire Quality Management System is being audited at least TWICE per year.  The Quality Management System procedure applicable for Internal Audits is QP8.2.2.   

Inspection, Testing & Commissioning        : All goods and execution processes are acceptable subject to mandatory inspections at Works, at site, during installation and Testing & Commissioning with verification of Applicable standards / requirements as appropriate in accordance with documented Procedure QP 8.2.4

Control of Nonconformance, Corrective & Preventive Action        : Problem, Potential problems, non-conformances and deviations with respect to Standards, PTS and approved Drawings are being handled in the light of QP8.3.0 procedure and Remedial steps are initiated in the light of Quality procedure QP8.5.2

Sub-Contractors / Suppliers        : Each sub-contractor is vetted for their ability to meet the Company’s needs and an approved Supplier list is maintained on annual basis.

Independent Inspection Agencies & Labs        : Each agency is assessed for their ability in the light of Scope of Work to meet the Company’s  needs and an approved list is maintained on annual basis.