Saudi Biga

Construction Support Services

Saudi Biga and Saudi Constructioneers jointly own a huge complex widely known to most as “RAFIYA COMPLEX” located in Rafiya Riyadh which houses the complete support structure / services of the organization which are briefly listed as under:

Laydown Area and Ware Houses
Storing various construction material required for the projects besides the materials required for the production plants, in operation, for aluminum, wood and marble owned by the organization.

Central Workshop
The central workshop is main support facility for the maintenance and repair of heavy/medium/light plant, equipments, machinery and services owned by the organization

Staff and Workers Housing
The complete set up to housing almost 4000 workforce with complete facilities for mess/food, recreations, praying with complete infrastructure of asphalt roads, walk ways, landscaping, playing grounds, sewage and water treatment plants and standby power