Saudi Biga

Telecom Introduction

Serving public and private sectors, Saudi Biga is operating all kingdom wide for the Telecommunication and Electronics.

Market Vision
Ever since the decentralization of data processing and the pervasive convergence of voice & data technologies; combined with the explosive growth of mobile telecommunications, increase bandwidth and realization of wireless mobility; safeguarding information assets and protecting the integrity of your IT and telecommunications networks, systems and computing infrastructures is vital and challenging to both your business and the society you live in as a whole.

Mission Statement
"Saudi BIGA Telecom, has been founded with a mission that aims to create value for its clients/share holders, partners and employees, through its continuing commitment and uncompromising dedication, and being devoted to marketing, contracting & supporting telecommunication related products and services, with a diversified yet unique portfolio of products and services offering, that is second to none and thus assisting its customers in    realizing the full benefits of combining best of breed technologies, backed up with the best support services. Within the high experienced team management, Engineers and skilled technicians to execute all related projects up to clients highest expectations and satis